PRAYAAS®, A group of people wanted to realise the dream of “A brighter tomorrow; when our once-glorious motherland will be self-reliant; free of the curse of ignorance and will again be the apex of civilisation.” That desire became so intense that they could no longer remain merely a silent witness and thus in 1998 Prayaas got its foundation in the city of Bangalore.

The primary aims of Prayaas are to provide assistance for education, health care and shelter to orphans, needy children and underprivileged people. Since then Prayaas activities have been gaining momentum at a steady rate and have been spreading all over the country. Most of the members are alumni from IITs, RECs, IIMs and other centre of excellence in the country and this organisation is self-financed by the members.

Prayaas is where we settle our petty differences and cry in one voice, “We will try to set in motion the winds of change, to realize our dreams and never to give up”. We dream because we can. We sincerely hope you are a part of our dream.


Our funds come from a minimum membership contribution of Rs.100/- pm. for Indian residents and 10$ for NRI’s & foreign nationals. Members can contribute more, if they wish to.